DaimlerChrysler Australia/Pacific and Mitsubishi Fuso Join Forces for Further Expansion in Australia

DaimlerChrysler Australia/Pacific (DCAuP) and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (MFTBC) today announced closer cooperation in the Australia commercial vehicle market. DCAuP will assume full responsibility for wholesale distribution of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and buses in Australia in the future. The inclusion of Mitsubishi Fuso within DaimlerChryslers wholesale organization is intended to support the further growth of Mitsubishi Fuso – brand trucks and buses in Australia. The move, to be completed by years end, also will create significant efficiencies and foster greater coordination between DaimlerChryslers commercial vehicle brands sold in Australia.

Globally, DaimlerChrysler is the majority shareholder in Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation. MFTBC is an integral part of DaimlerChryslers Truck Group.

Our aim here is to further strengthen and build on the success of Mitsubishi Fuso in Australia and take this excellent performance to the next level, said Mr. Bert van Dijk, MFTBC Board Member and responsible for international sales & service. The closer cooperation will allow the Mitsubishi Fuso organization in Australia to spend more time on customers and dealers. It will also deliver efficiencies as we leverage the capabilities of DCAuP.

Mitsubishi Fuso had record Australia retail sales of 4,134 units in 2005, a 25% increase from the previous year. The company markets light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, as well as light-duty buses, in Australia.

Customers will benefit from the closer working relationship between Mitsubishi Fuso and the rest of DaimlerChryslers commercial vehicle brands, at a wholesale level,” said Mr. Ernst Lieb, CEO of DCAuP. “The move will allow us to more efficiently and more aggressively manage all of DaimlerChryslers commercial vehicle brands for sales growth with an expanded dealer and service network.

DaimlerChrysler truck brands already under the DCAuP wholesale umbrella in Australia include Mercedes-Benz, Sterling Trucks and Freightliner Trucks. Now, Mitsubishi Fuso will become a dedicated sales and marketing unit within DCAuP. With the integration of the Mitsubishi Fuso wholesale organization, DCAuP becomes the only supplier in Australia offering commercial vehicle brands from Europe (Mercedes-Benz), the United States (Freightliner Trucks and Sterling Trucks) and Japan (Mitsubishi Fuso).

Mitsubishi Fuso will continue to offer the same comprehensive product line and a high level of service and support to Australia customers. A strong retail network will be maintained featuring current dealers. Mitsubishi Fuso also will continue a sales & marketing office in Sydney. Mr. Richard Eyre, currently Chief Operating Officer for the Mitsubishi Fuso organization in Australia, will lead the new dedicated Mitsubishi Fuso organization, which is integrated into DCAuP.

DaimlerChrysler commercial vehicles recorded outstanding sales performances in 2005 – in Australia and across the world. Overall, DaimlerChrysler set a new global sales record for commercial vehicles by selling 824,900 trucks, buses and vans – more than 2,000 units a day – and almost 16% ahead of the 712,200 units sold in 2004.

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