Hino at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Hino Motors Presents Concept Models of a Large-sized Touring Coach and a Heavy-duty ASV Tractor, and Other Exhibits at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Hino Motors is going to present four reference exhibits, including concept models of a large-sized touring coach and a heavy-duty ASV tractor, and various technologies at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 to be held from Saturday, October 27 to Sunday, November 11 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.

Hino provides an exhibition space with a friendly atmosphere called the “HINO Bus and Truck Park” and introduces the “fun of riding a bus”, “toughness of trucks”, and “efforts made toward ‘safety’ and ‘the environment’ in order to serve society” to those who have few opportunities to come into contact with commercial vehicles in an easy-to-understand manner.

Reference exhibits

1) A first-class, large-sized touring coach HINO S’elega Premium

Hino Selega Premium

This concept model is an advanced version of “HINO S’elega”, a large-sized touring coach that is very popular for its dynamic style and high-quality comfortable ride. As a first-class, large-sized touring coach, it proposes a “new travel style”.

The seat arrangement of the large-sized coach is spacious and luxurious using two “real leather seats” per row in order to accommodate a small number of passengers.

The coach offers full interior equipment such as “real leather seats” with a large reclining angle that allows a comfortable seating position, “large consoles” equipped with “retractable tables”, “large-sized personal monitors” and a spacious “powder room” (restroom).

“Photochromatic glass” is used, allowing the control of the amount of sunlight entering the coach according to each situation.

The galley provides top-quality, passenger-room services including the serving of drinks.

The universal design enables passengers to safely move around inside the coach.

2) A small-sized excursion bus HINO Poncho Travel Cafe

Hono Poncho Travel Cafe

This concept model is an advanced version of the “HINO Poncho”, a small-sized non-step bus actively used as a community bus all over Japan that is equipped with a low flat floor, allowing passengers to easily get on and off, and offers maneuverability which enables sharp turns. It proposes “new travel styles” making use of the features of the “HINO Poncho”, such as “visiting famous places and historic sites through narrow streets” and “relaxed group excursions”.

The bus uses a booth-style seat arrangement and seats in pop colors, creating a fun atmosphere for traveling as if passengers were in a cafe.

The bus has universal designs as typified by the use of flip-up seats for accommodating baby strollers.

During the period between Saturday, October 27 to Saturday, November 3 when the Motor Show is being held, visitors can try out (get on) the original version of the “HINO Poncho” at the test-ride corner.

3) A heavy-duty safety concept truck HINO Profia ASV Tractor

Hino Profia ASV Tractor

Hino has been submitting the concept model of the next-generation safety truck “ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle)” equipped with advanced safety technologies under development . This year, Hino submits “HINO Profia ASV Tractor” with other advanced safety technologies under development such as a “Panoramic View Assist System” that helps to provide “good visibility”, one of the basis of safety.

The “Support System for the Visibility around the Vehicle” displays the view of the areas around the vehicle on the “Overhead Monitor” placed in the driver’s overhead console. This device helps to provide supplemental visibility according to each driving situation, such as turning right/left and backing up.

By using an infrared camera, the “Nighttime Pedestrian Monitoring System” allows the image of pedestrians to be displayed on the same monitor mentioned above.

The ASV Tractor is also equiped with a new-model mirrors, which assists visibility when driving at high speed and turning right/left, and the “Adaptive Front-Lighting System”, which lights the traveling direction of the vehicle at intersections and curved roads.

Inside the cab, the “Integrated Operation Touch-panel”, which allows the driver to operate the power switches of various devices, such as those for the air-conditioner and audio system, at an integrated part. The improvement in operability contributes to enable the driver to concentrate on driving.

4. A medium-duty 4×4 truck HINO Ranger, scheduled to participate in the Dakar Rally 2008

Hino Rander Pro Dakar Rally

The “HINO Ranger”, which is scheduled to very soon enter (January 5, Japan time) the 2008 “Dakar Rally (a.k.a. Paris-Dakar)”, considered to be the hardest race in the world, will be displayed.

Boasting outstanding “driving performance” and “durability”, it first entered the “Paris-Dakar”, the hardest race in the world, 17 years ago, and it has completed every race since.

Main technical exhibit

“A09C”, a diesel engine that conforms to the 2005 (new long-term) emission regulations

A diesel engine “A09C” was newly developed based on the latest concept of a fuel-efficient engine that displays high torque at low revolution speeds, and has been installed in the “HINO Profia”, a heavy-duty truck, since this spring. It is the latest diesel engine with a piston displacement of 8.9 L that is smaller-size and lightweight, has both low emissions and low fuel consumption (low CO2 emissions) and achieves engine performance surpassing that of the conventional engine with a piston displacement of 10.5 L.

“DPR”, Hino’s unique Clean Diesel System, has achieved an over 10 percent decrease in NOx compared to the Japanese new long-term emission regulation value and PM at the Japanese next-term regulation level.

The main model of the “HINO Profia”, a heavy-duty truck equipped with this engine, has cleared the Japanese “2015 fuel efficiency standards”, achieving an improvement in economic efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

By making it smaller-size and lightweight, Hino has succeeded in creating a “more useful engine for users” that enables an increase in loading capacity.

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