Nissan Diesel Concludes Trademark Licensing Agreement with Germany’s VDA for Worldwide Use of AdBlue

Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that it has concluded a trademark licensing agreement with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) for worldwide use of the AdBlue registered trademark. AdBlue is the brand name of a solution of high purity urea that must be used in urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, a technology for reducing exhaust emissions of diesel engines. This agreement allows Nissan Diesel to use the AdBlue trademark in every country around the world. It completes the conditions for full-fledged sales of the urea solution in overseas markets for use in the company’s Quon heavy-duty truck series and other models equipped with a urea SCR system.

The trademark rights to the AdBlue brand name that has begun to be used in Europe are managed solely by the VDA in every European country in order to ensure product quality and avoid confusion in the distribution process. Currently, the VDA manages the trademark rights to the AdBlue brand name on a global scale, as it has expanded the areas where it has secured the trademark rights to AdBlue beyond Europe.

With the conclusion of this trademark licensing agreement, Nissan Diesel has transferred to the VDA the trademark rights to AdBlue that the company had secured and managed in Japan.

The Quon heavy-duty truck series that Nissan Diesel launched in November 2004 was the first of its kind anywhere in the world to be equipped with a urea SCR system for attaining low levels of exhaust emissions. In conjunction with its release, Nissan Diesel secured and managed the trademark rights to AdBlue in Japan in collaboration with the VDA in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the supply infrastructure for the high-quality urea solution.

This transfer of the trademark rights to the VDA was based on Nissan Diesel’s judgment that the supply infrastructure for the high-quality urea solution has now been put in place in Japan, which was the purpose for the acquisition and management of the trademark rights. Another reason is that entrusting the management of the trademark rights to the VDA, which is responsible for the global management of the AdBlue brand, is the proper way of managing the registered trademark.

Nissan Diesel will continue to play a leading role in ensuring the quality of AdBlue in Asia and in implementing the necessary supply infrastructure in the process of discharging its responsibility as a retailing company for urea SCR systems.

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