Nissan Diesel to complete purchase distributor of UD-brand trucks in Australia

Nissan Diesel Motor took over 100% share of UD Trucks Oceania Pty Ltd. (UDTO, located in Sydney) from Marubeni Corp. for the purpose of establishment of direct manageable operation-base in Australia, and made it to the wholly owned subsidiary.

Nissan Diesel intends to strengthen the presence of UD-brand trucks in the Australian market by this integration, where the truck demand is significantly growing in recent years, and aims at offering new products effectually in time, and to enhance of the sales activities.

Profile of UDTO

1. Company name: UD TRUCKS (OCEANIA) PTY, LTD.>
2. Main business activities: Distribution of Heavy-, and Medium-duty trucks in Australia
3. Net sales: AUD 123 million (JPY 11.54 billion) - Results in fiscal year 2006
4. Capital: AUD 4.9 million (JPY 460 million)
5. Title and name of representative: Tetsuo Takebuchi, Managing Director
6. Location: Sydney, Australia
7. Establishment: August, 1991

Number of trucks demand for Australian market and Nissan Diesel’s sales of trucks*, Units

Calendar year 2003 2004 2005 2006
Number of demand 14,634 17,420 18,248 18,883
Nissan Diesel Number of sales 810 981 991 1,080
Share 5.5% 5.6% 5.4% 5.7%

*GVW of 8.5 or more metric tons

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