Highlights of Nissan Diesel’s Exhibits at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Diesel Quon

Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. will exhibit three heavy-duty trucks and an emission control system under the theme of “Innovation & Quality” at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, which opens at Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba prefecture on Friday, October 26.

This year’s theme of “Innovation & Quality” expresses the strong determination of the Nissan Diesel Group to maintain the close ties forged with customers since the company was founded and to provide technological innovations, solutions and top quality in working together with customers to open up new avenues to the future.

Nissan Diesel will provide a Spacerunner non-step heavy-duty transit bus for use in the commercial vehicle test-ride program to be held outdoors.

1. Overview of Major Exhibits

Vehicle Exhibits

Quon heavy-duty truck – Aluminum wing van (reference model)
This is the next-generation model of the Quon heavy-duty truck that has become synonymous with low-emission trucks because of its urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, an advanced technology for reducing exhaust emissions.

The model is fitted with the electronically controlled ESCOT-ATIV automatic transmission that contributes to more economical driving. This transmission now incorporates a “quick shift lightweight switch” as a new mechanism for optimizing the shift timing to improve fuel economy when carrying light loads.

Nissan Diesel’s “Traffic Eye Brake” system is provided for reducing injury and damage levels in rear-end collisions. This system was developed as a mechanism for supporting safe driving in emergency situations.

The vehicle weight has been reduced, thereby improving payload capacity and compliance with axle weight limits.

The present 33-liter AdBlue tank has been replaced with a 55-liter tank to extend the refill interval of this high purity urea solution that must be used in the urea SCR system, which is an indispensable low-emission technology today.

Quon heavy-duty, high-speed truck tractor (reference model)

Nissan Diesel Quon Tractor

This is the next-generation model of the Quon high-speed tractor that was among the first to comply with Japan’s fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

This model is fitted with the Nissan Diesel Stability Control (NDSC) system that is effective in preventing the trailer from overturning.

It also features the UD Telematics system, an advanced fleet management tool for improving operation efficiency by collecting vehicle data for analysis so as to make vehicle operating conditions visible.

New GW heavy-duty truck for overseas markets (reference model)

Nissan Diesel Quon Heavy Duty Tractor

Intended for the Chinese market, this model is the left-hand-drive version of the Quon that complies with the Euro III emission regulations.

The GW provides enhanced fuel economy combined with improved power performance, compliance with environmental regulations and also higher levels of safety, comfort, reliability and durability, all of which are demanded in today’s truck marketplace.

The cab incorporates the same level of specifications as Japanese market models, with a host of features for improved convenience and comfort, including a multi-screen monitor, heated/cooled cupholders and a driver’s side console with heated/cooled storage compartments.

This model is being displayed as a symbol of Nissan Diesel’s new generation of heavy-duty trucks for penetrating global markets.

Technology Exhibit

Next-generation urea SCR system (reference model)

Nissan Diesel developed this technology to reduce exhaust emissions further and to improve vehicle mountability. Engine-out particulate matter (PM) emissions are further reduced by increasing the fuel injection pressure. At the same time, a two-stage turbocharger and heavy exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) are applied to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions further in conjunction with the urea SCR system. As a result of incorporating a high-efficiency super PM filter that is also compact in size for easier installation, this next-generation urea SCR system simultaneously reduces NOx and PM emissions.

2. List of Exhibits

Heavy-duty trucks
Quon aluminum wing van (reference model)
Quon high-speed tractor (reference model)
GW heavy-duty tractor for Chinese market (reference model)

Technology exhibit
Next-generation urea SCR system

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