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2008 Dakar Rally: Hino Team Sugawara

Rally Hino Ranger Pro

Hino Motors to enter the 2008 Dakar Rally aiming at its 18th consecutive course finish and a victory in the under 10-liter class.

Hino will participate in the truck division of the Dakar Rally (commonly known as the Paris-Dakar), the most grueling offroad race in the world, which is scheduled to start on January 5th, 2008. With two medium-duty trucks Hino Ranger Pro, Hino is aiming at completing the course for the 18th consecutive year and a victory in the under 10-liter cubic capacity production truck class.

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The Dakar lexicon

The Dakar is an endurance and navigation between Lisbon and Dakar for the cars, trucks, bikes and quads, including 15 stages.

Stage – a course to cover between two cities. It includes a special as well as one or two liaison sections, according to the days.

Special – It is also called a timed section. It’s the portion of a stage, covered on or off course, on which the competitors are timed between two time checks. The time registered on this section will be used to establish the standings.

Liaison – It’s the section, normally on tarmac, used to reach the start of a special and the then the finish bivouac of a stage. It is not timed but the competitors have to cover it in a maximum time.

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2008 Dakar Rally

2008 Dakar Rally2008 Lisboa – Dakar Rally

Motorbikes, cars, and trucks on one side; African villages, forests, and Sahara desert on the other. What seems a shocking contrast is actually a step towards the future. Dakar is an inspiration that brought the two worlds together and enabled them to build a special relationship. It speaks not only of sports, but also of purpose; this taste for adventure, and for a little-known continent, gave rise to a unique machine that provokes human emotion.

The 28-year old relationship between Dakar and Africa has now matured. It has blossomed from a friendship into an alliance between two adults who have decided to share in the work as well as the celebration.

Africa is immense and profoundly diverse. Dakar has been exploring it at its pace since 1979, writing history with each country it crosses.The rally’s heritage is a series of solid anchor points that link together to build the event, and the city of Dakar – a major African capital and the final goal for most rallies – is a natural symbol.

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